Friday, July 25, 2008

Thinking of Changing Jobs?

If you are a professional in Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Affairs, Quality Assurance, Quality Engineering, Medical Affairs, Drug Safety, Research and Development, Medical Writing, Marketing and Business Development or Licensing you’ve come to the right place.
We all know change is difficult when it comes to your career. Even though most people, on average, change jobs every 39 months, it is the thought of change that actually stalls or paralyzes them. You’ve heard it before, “paralysis by analysis”. Don’t let yourself fall into this trap.Discuss your options confidentially with one of our Life Sciences specialists. They know what you’re going through emotionally and professionally and can work closely with you to find your perfect opportunity.Our team of “industry insiders” know what the key motives for change are and will help you assess your true feelings for exploring change while helping you find what’s of critical importance to you in your next opportunity.We have found the following 6 issues to be behind over 90% of why people leave their current position
Lack of challenge
No career advancement (or slow career advancement)
Compensation is not commensurate with responsibilities
No sense of job security
Location (commute is brutal)
Co worker issues
If your need is immediate, we will confidentially discuss what is currently available in todays market and develop a plan of action for you.If your need is longer term, we will confidentially discuss what you would like to see in your next opportunity, keep their antenna up and contact you when we find it.Either way, if you are in any of our specialty areas, let us know about your career aspirations and how to contact you.Please submit a copy of your resume by clicking here.

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